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Michael Volpe Investigates Special Report: An Interview with Erin Paranzino

Michael Volpe Investigates Special Report: An Interview with Erin Paranzino

Erin contacted me after my article on Judge Truglia with another shocking Connecticut case.
An example of what Connecticut Judge Anthony Truglia likes looking at on Facebook

Erin Paranzino was hoping to use my report on Judge Anthony Truglia to get him removed from her case.

That motion has become academic; days after I reached out to several people who are on her case, the case was moved from Judge Truglia’s courtroom into the courtroom of another notorious Connecticut Judge, Thomas Moukawsher, who previously disbarred Nickola Cunha over anti-Semitic comments she made.

Judge Moukawsher is neither lovely nor talented

I reached out to Rhonda Hebert from the Connecticut External Affairs Department, but she did not reply to the email. I left a message with Judge Truglia’s chambers, but I got no response.

These latest machinations are merely a side issue on a disturbing but all too common story in Connecticut.

In 2012, a Department of Children and Family (DCF) caseworker warned Erin that she would be charged with neglect and abuse if she didn’t leave her abusive husband, Josh Nemore.

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I reached out to Mr. Nemore and his attorney, Steven Levy, but neither responded to my emails.

The evidence of abuse by Mr. Nemore is overwhelming- Erin sums it up in the last three minutes of the podcast- it includes the testimony of a Rhode Island detective, hospital reports, and reports by mandated reporters from school, camp, and DCF.

Initially, Erin retained custody and was even allowed to relocate to Rhode Island.

I spoke with attorney Amey Cardullo, who represented Erin for a short time trying to move the case to Rhode Island.

Amey told me while Erin was granted custody and allowed to move, the court order also ordered Connecticut to retain jurisdiction.

Normally, after six months, Rhode Island would take over.

Erin maintained custody until 2016 when James Connelly was assigned to an evaluation.


Connelly dismissed all the evidence of abuse and found Erin to have Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS).

Connelly has since retired but his office still takes messages which he did not return.

The guardian ad litem on the case, Janis Laliberte, quickly used the report to try and strong arm Erin into switching custody and going on supervised visits herself.

When that didn’t work, Laliberte- who pops up on Luigi Dirubba’s case and on Joriz Tiberi’s case- went into the courtroom of then Connecticut Judge Maureen Murphy and get an ex-parte emergency order granting Josh sole custody.

Connelly’s report was the basis for her motion.

Joriz, like Erin, was accused of parental alienation. Nickola advocated for Karen Riordan who, like Erin, was also accused of parental alienation after her kids disclosed abuse.

Murphy is one of the most notorious figures in Connecticut courts: primarily for her role in Sunny Kelley’s case.

Kelley remembers AFCC member Maureen Murphy acting extremely inappropriately during Dr. Newberger’s deposition. As Newberger described intimate details about her son, Murphy, sitting with her wife, made sounds which Kelley described as reminiscent of the famous scene from the movie When Harry Met Sally in which Meg Ryan simulates an orgasm.

As a judge, Murphy granted sole custody Angelo Gizzi, despite him being convicted of hitting his ex-wife, Angela.

A battered mother lost custody of her kids to an abusive spouse after she refused to participate in court-ordered therapy with her ex-husband who had been convicted on nearly a dozen charges of sexually and physically assaulting her. 

Connecticut family court judge Maureen Murphy issued the shocking order on January 6, 2015, giving sole custody to violent offender Angelo Gizzi because his ex-wife Angela Gizzi (nee Hickman) refused to participate in "family reunification" therapy.

In 2007, Angelo Gizzi was charged with 13 criminal counts ranging from spousal abuse, spousal sexual assault, kidnapping, threatening, and risk of injury to a child.

Angela, like Erin, was accused of parental alienation.

Then Judge Murphy, as is her wont, granted Laliberte’s request and Erin was put on supervised visits.

Erin was supposed to have a hearing soon after- since this was an emergency ex-parte order- but instead, she agreed to a trial which was supposed to be scheduled a few months down the road.

Instead, it took nearly two years. Judge Eddi Rodriguez presided, rubber stamping Janis Laliberte’s recommendation, and her ex-husband was granted sole custody on a permanent basis.

He did this even though two experts challenged Connelly’s report. One, Brett Leimkuller, stated in his report.

Of the so-called diagnosis of parental alienation, Dr. Leimkuller noted.

Dr. Leikmuller even noted that Connelly was ignoring evidence of abuse, like an allegation that Josh was “tongue kissing” his daughter.

Erin even told me that though Josh was making near $200,000 yearly while she made about $20,000, she was still ordered to pay him child support.

The children devolved in Josh’s care. Here are some hospital reports.

Nursing/Milieu Report: Yesterday, he attended programming with no safety concerns. His daily assessment indicated SI/SIB thoughts and urges. In the afternoon, he attended a family meeting. He checked in stating that it did not go well, and that he did not think it was good for their mental health to live with father. He had positive interactions with staff and peers. He was able to settled to bed without issue.

Here is part of a separate report about Erin’s daughter.

Previously was limited to hands and legs but is now picking and peeling skin on her chin and face, which is new. She states that she is picking her skin more because she has worsening anxiety, especially in Dad's home, where she lives most of the time. Denies any oozing wounds, purulence, surrounding erythema or edema. Denies fever. Feeding, drinking, voiding, stooling per usual. No diarrhea. No emesis. No sick contacts. No recent travel. Shots UTD.

Here is one more hospital report.

Father expressed frustration with {their son’s} continued stay in the hospital, noting that the admission started with a 10 day hold, and now it has been a month. He would like to pick up {their son’s} today following the family meeting. Discussed that {their son} has made good progress, especially in the last week; as of Friday, he was continuing to say that he was not ready to go home with father, with concerns that he would act on suicidal and self-harm urges, and end up back in the hospital, while at the same time demonstrating a linear and future-oriented thought process that would indicate that he is close to leaving the hospital. Father spoke about concerns that he had heard from DCF of Connecticut that insurance was not covering {their son’s} stay, and frustration that the hospital had not told him this.

One of her kids is even going through gender dysphoria, “{their daughter} is a 12 year old natal female to male transgender, prefers to be called {by a male name} and uses he/they pronouns.” A 2021 emergency room report states.

“I am suicidal and have been cutting,” the child told the doctors.

Finally, in 2021, when one of the children experienced suicidal ideations, Erin filed an emergency motion which was to be heard by Judge Anthony Truglia.

Truglia would go more than a year befor hearing her evidence, and then it was only by accident. Like all the other judges, Judge Truglia ignored the evidence of abuse while keeping the custody arrangement the same.

Photos of bruises on her children’s bodies which Judge Truglia ignored

Judge Truglia has made a habit of ignoring abuse as well. He presided over the notorious case involving Rory Doyle and his ex-wife.

Rory’s ex-wife has attempted suicide and was diagnosed with bi-polar, but that didn’t stop Judge Truglia from granting her sole custody, according to Wayne Dolcefino’s report.

Part of Judge Truglia’s order in Rory’s case, from Wayne Dolcefino’s story on YouTube

In Rory’s case, Judge Truglia ignored a Yale doctor in favor of a court appointed one: Dr. Jessica Biren Caverly, herself a notorious figure.

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