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Sunlight really is the best disinfectant. All of these disgusting corrupt court parasites need to go figure out how to make an honest living-work an honest day for an honest day's pay, and stop manipulating situations to attach themselves to vulnerable people to feed off of. Our entire nation needs to be completely fogged and purged of these parasitic wealth without work cabals feeding off of the misery and hard work of innocent people.

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The thing is that all of these dirty corrupt Fiduciaries have even dirtier attorneys helping these criminals.

Thank you Michael for exposing these scumbags all together!

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Michael, please let this family know (if they don't know already) that they MUST report this and file a complaint to the State Bar of California. This attorney should be disbarred over this, especially because it involves a trust, moral turpitude and a vulnerable person. The State Bar also has a Victim fund that can compensate victims up to $100k in situations like this. This is not legal advice, obviously. I have filed many, many State Bar Complaints and the two attorneys involved in my case are ineligible to practice law in California. Filing criminal charges is also important because this is a very serious financial crime. The DA's office also has a Fraud Complaint Unit and elder abuse unit,(if applicable). I'm very glad to see this attorney being outed. Far too many attorneys use their client's trust fund account like ATM machines. The State Bar usually suspends their licenses for 3 months for the first or second complaint - which is completely ridiculous and why victims must pursue every avenue to get justice and prevent future harm to others. In fraud cases, if the case is prosecuted and the attorney found guilty, they get disbarred.

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