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Michael Volpe Investigates Special Report: an Interview with Sarah Leyva

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Michael Volpe Investigates Special Report: an Interview with Sarah Leyva

Fresh off her six months stay in jail, Sarah explains how a Facebook comment got her charged with three counts of solicitation of murder.
Sarah Leyva, from this news story

The criminalization of speech is a recurring theme in my writing.

While the media covers immigration, healthcare, Ukraine, and other topics breathlessly, very little coverage is given to the government criminalizing speech.

In 2019, I covered the story of Ted Taupier from Connecticut, who spent over two years in jail for an email. Here is what Ted said in that email.

{Judge Elizabeth} Bozzuto lives in Watertown with her boys and Na! … There [are] 245 [yards] between her master bedroom and a cemetery that provides cover and concealment. They could try and put me in jail but that would start the ringing of a bell that can’t be undone.

Most remarkably, Judge Bozzuto was not one of the recipients of this email. This email was leaked, passed around until a screenshot reached Judge Bozzuto.

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She pressured law enforcement to charge Ted.

More recently, I covered another case from Connecticut, where Paul Boyne used his blog, The Family Court Circus, to make inflammatory and anti-Semitic comments. Only a corrupt and vengeful prosecutor would find these comments criminal. Here are a couple.

Assistant State’s Attorney Denise B. Smoker… might be  upset that such personal jewdicial misconduct makes her house on Bayberry Lane in Branford a target of F35 smart bombs, death rays from the space station, and a gun toting army of angry mothers with large capacity magazines, not to mention her house being a flammable protest site for mothers wearing Black Lives Matter tee shirts.

Tired of the court scam of appointed ‘psychologists’ to charge ridiculous amounts of money to apply jewish psycho-babble in the fraudulent form of a ‘forensic evaluation’, more precisely known as a ‘baseless biased opinion’ directed by the judge? Pop! A .45 right between the eyes provides a cranial therapeutic probe, which not only cures the delusion of expertise, it also serves to discourage other quacksters from promoting similar snake-oil in a public forum.”

Paul continues to face criminal charges for these blog posts in Connecticut.


Angela Freiner faced charges of judicial tampering after sending the following email to the judge in her child custody case, Judge Nicole “Devil horns” Zellweger.

The court does not have the right to hold my daughter against her will or traffic her across the country! If she is not returned to me today there will be consequences for your conduct. You have stepped over the line for any time of immunity as a judge!

For saying, “There will be consequences,” Angela was under indictment for more than two years before those charges were finally dismissed. Angela meant legal consequences, but that matters very little when the state deems you an enemy.

Here’s another story with Judge Devil horns

In my book Bullied to Death: Chris Mackney’s Kafkaesque Divorce, I described how Chris sent his ex-wife’s attorneys an email in which he threatened to go to the media if his child support wasn’t reduced to a more reasonable level- it was nearly 100% of his income at the time, while his ex-wife’s dad was a multimillionaire- and that email landed him an extortion charge.

Chris was visited at his apartment in Texas by the SWAT team and extradited to Virginia to face charges; he was ultimately found not guilty, but not before spending months in jail awaiting trial.

Chris killed himself shortly thereafter on December 29, 2013.

Speaking of Virginia, that’s where this story centers.

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