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Michael Volpe Investigates Podcast the Impromptu: Episode 81 an Interview with Jackie Sample

How slimy is the divorce industry? Check out this interview.

Jackie Sample is the latest guest on the podcast.

Jackie’s husband- because their divorce has still not been finalized- is desperate not to share the millions he and Jackie accumulated during their marriage.

He’s so desperate that he got a judge to force her out of their home while the judge contemplated involuntarily committing her.

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A recent order from 18th Circuit Court, Illinois Judge James Orel has fined Jackie $100 per day plus $6,000 per month for refusing to sign a contract to force the sale of their home.

Why won’t Jackie sign the contract? She told me there is no reason to sell the home. The two of them accumulated millions in assets, including over $5,000,000 in digital currency.

Jackie said that she spent three years building this home in Burr Ridge, Illinois, a wealthy suburb about twenty miles southwest of Chicago.

Furthermore, the realtor that Judge Orel has forced on Jackie has stolen from her. Judge Orel even acknowledged this in the order.

From LinkedIn: James Orel loves thieves.

I reached out to the realtor, Linda Feinstein, who provided this statement, “If you are interested in the divorce of Dr. and Mrs. Sample, I suggest you contact Dr. Sample.”

That’s strange. Linda doesn’t mention theft on her website.

I reached out to Dr. Sample, but he did not respond to an email for comment.

Dr. Sample is currently being represented by Matt Elster of the Beerman Law Group. Beerman is a familiar name to long time readers because other lawyers in that firm helped protect a female child molester in this article.


I reached out to Matt by email, but that was not fruitful. It seems he’s blocked my email.

I left a voicemail at his office, which he also did not respond to. Pity, because there a few things which need explaining.

For instance, before Beerman took Dr. Sample on as a client, they had a consultation with Jackie Sample. In that consultation, Jackie discussed legal strategy.

Once a law firm does a consultation, they are considered to have represented that client. They can’t then turn around and represent another party in the same legal dispute.

Jackie brought this up to Judge Orel, but Judge Orel doesn’t care about little things like conflicts of interest.

Matt Elster, from Beerman’s website. Mr. Elster may be a scumbag lawyer.

What does Dr. Sample say about all this? It’s simple. He’s really a pauper barely scraping by. He needs that home sold before he goes broke.

Dr. Sample is a poor struggling doctor. He’s barely making ends meet. That $5 million in digital currency is a figment of your imagination. That home must be sold.

So, how much does the good doctor make? It depends on when you ask: $144,000 or maybe $350,000, but Jackie thinks it’s $500,000.

Examples of Dr. Sample’s constantly shifting income

This is all very confusing. I don’t know what’s going on. It’s simple really. The woman I interviewed is crazy. Judge Orel clearly thinks so; that’s why he suggested involuntary commitment.

Even if Jackie is crazy- and from this interview there seems to be no doubt- there are probably a few financial issues to work out.

Judge Orel is on top of it. He appointed an expert. This guy.

No, really, Judge Orel did appoint a divorce attorney to be a financial expert.

Pursuant to 750 ILCS 5/530(I), on its own motion, appoints Attorney Andrew Cores as its financial expert {emphasis mine}” I hope this goes on Judge Orel’s tombstone.

The financial expert/divorce lawyer was supposed to hold a conference, Jackie told me, but that was cancelled after she asked to bring along a forensic accountant.

I reached out to Mr. Cores, but he’s very shy. He may get back to me after this is published with a cease-and-desist letter.

If the financial expert still hasn’t made a determination, why is Jackie’s home being sold. I don’t know, but I’m sure it’s because she’s crazy.

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