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Michael Volpe Investigates Podcast The Impromptu: Episode 31 an Interview with Nickola Cunha

She talks about her involvement in Karen Riordan's case, being disbarred, and corruption in Connecticut courts.

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Judge Gerald Adelman of Connecticut

Nickola Cunha is the latest guest to join me on the podcast.

She is a veteran attorney who is involved in what has turned into a high profile divorce and custody case in Connecticut.

That case is her client, Karen Riordan Vs Christopher Ambrose.

It is the subject of a twenty part- and counting- series by Frank Parlato at the Frank Report.

It was also done by Wayne Dolcefino.

Karen’s ex-husband did not even live much with her and their three adopted kids during the marriage.

He spent most of his time in Hollywood as a script writer on such shows as Law & Order, Bones, Harry’s Law, and ironically Family Law.

Once the divorce started, Chris used the label of parental alienation against Karen to wrestle custody away.

“When his own divorce began in 2019, Mr. Ambrose began accusing Karen of parental alienation. We’ve heard that before in high conflict divorce cases like this one. That’s why a guardian ad litem was appointed.” Dolcefino said in his report.

A guardian ad litem (GAL) was appointed; her name is Jocelyn Hurwitz and she ran up nearly $200,000 in legal bills, according to Dolcefino.

That GAL was one of several court appointees; all of them are part of a clique of court appointees who get appointed on cases like this one, Nickola told me.

As a result of being labeled with parent alienation along with other court machinations, it’s been about two years since Karen has seen her kids; before that, she was the primary caretaker.

More recently, Nickola was disbarred. This was covered in the local papers.

A Superior Court judge has taken the unusual step of disbarring a divorce lawyer for making “empty and malicious” claims of abuse and antisemitic declarations to win an advantage for her client by “snarling the case into an un-triable mess.”

In his decision, Judge Thomas Moukawsher blasted attorney Nickola Cunha for what he said are malicious accusations that are unsupported by any evidence. In his long decision laying the groundwork for disbarment — and in an earlier decision in the same case — Moukawsher expressed concern that similar, if less egregious, tactics in the increasingly brutal arena of divorce court have the potential “to disrupt and damage the integrity of the judicial system itself.”

“She has systematically tried to use the justice system against itself in a bid to frustrate it. In a bid to discredit it. In a bid that, if unchecked here and elsewhere, threatens to destroy it as a credible instrument of democracy,” Moukawsher wrote. “Indeed, Ms. Cunha and her client have lashed the system as broken and corrupt. But the case’s tortured history may be better explained by the system indulging Ms. Cunha and her client too much. In a quest to achieve fairness and give the benefit of every doubt, the system has allowed itself to be tied in knots.”

Nickola described the incident which led to the disbarment. It was a hearing on December 1, 2021. She was not in front of Judge Adelman, but instead, Judge Thomas Moukawsher.

In fact, ostensibly, the hearing was to decide if Judge Adelman was to be removed for bias. In Connecticut, another judge hears that motion.


Things started going bad for Nickola when she this.

“I believe that Judge Adelman was entering orders historically, in this particular case, that always favored the plaintiff’s counsel and team of professionals, which all happened to be Jewish.” Nickola told me on the podcast.

Adelman, Hurwitz, Jessica Biren Caverly, and Dr. Robert Horwitz, were all Jewish, on this case and others like it.

Connecticut has become notorious for these types of cases; it was the subject of the book “Worst Interest of the Child.”

I covered some cases in my treatise Making Divorce Pay.

In 2007, Angelo Gizzi of Connecticut, was charged with 13 domestic abuse-related crimes, including assault, sexual assault, kidnapping, and child endangerment after years of beating up his wife, Angela Gizzi, who now goes by her maiden name Hickman. He avoided jail time when Angela wouldn’t testify because she has abuse-related PTSD; instead, he pled guilty to a series of lesser charges. Initially, Angelo Gizzi was given only supervised visitation with his children, while Angela received main custody.

As the divorce proceeding went on, however, the focus became less on his physical abuse and more on Angela Hickman’s purported parental alienation. Dr. Stephanie Stein Leite, an AFCC member, said during a hearing, “This case sticks out in my mind, in the last 10 years, as the clearest case of alienation that I have seen.” Dr. Leite didn’t respond to a phone call seeking comment for this article.

But connecting it to the Jewish faith is not often done. That connection is made only on a controversial blog called Family Court Circus. Here’s from a recent post.

The now-famous Blog highlights the reappointment of jewish communist judge of the family court, Jane Grossman. Jewish ideology aims to destroy the concept of family, eliminate traditional roles of mother, father, church, culture, or societal beliefs. Crushing every element of white identity out of life is what jews live for. A singular jewish construction promotes this belief for goyim. Jews on the Connecticut family court are a necessary element of the destruction of a white Christian society. Children become creatures of the chosen state, to be raped at will satisfying the grotesque pleasures of an evil tribe.

Jane Grossman runs a rabbinical court served by Satan’s foot soldiers, ignoring law, but doing what is in jewdicial best interest for four-legged calves of their four-legged parents. Grossman labels mothers ‘crazy’ then applies jewdicial whim to destroy parent-child bonds. Simple stroke of pen cuts mom out of the life of the fruit of her womb. A jewish delight, exercising powers not granted, proving again the supremacy of the jewish race over the subservient goyim. Mothers of goy children hold no purpose once the umbilical cord is cut. An enlightened society finds cause to arrest Grossman’s behavior. More frightful than a jew like Grossman is the collective support of the joint jewdiciary committee of the General Assembly that supports the rabbinical court of childhood rape.

Grossman had also previously been on Karen’s case, but I said the comment was “inflammatory” nonetheless, Nickola disagreed but the comment set off a firestorm.

It is not technically what led to her being disbarred.

In fact, she said that she apologized later that day.

I came back after lunch break and I apologized to the court, and I said, ‘I do not- I apologize. Somehow we got off onto this tangent. This is not what it is that I plead in my pleading. I’d like to focus on- you know-the real tangible obvious here.’

I was trying to direct the court to those items. The court strenuously was trying to derail me. It’s obvious, and then we get to- at some point I just became exhausted.

The hearing continued and Chris Ambrose’s attorney, Nancy Aldrich, called Nickola a liar, Nickola recalled, because purportedly Nickola was lying. Nickola continued.

“Nancy Aldrich gets on and she makes this argument. In her argument, she basically says that I’m a liar,” Nickola stated on the podcast, “There’s been all these investigations by Department of Children and Family and Mr. Ambrose has never been substantiated.”

I reached out to Ms. Aldrich but did not receive a response.

Nickola said she responded by stating, “Your honor, you are not going to find a document that says that Mr. Ambrose has been found to have- for substantiation purposes- by DCF. That is one of the biggest problems.”

It’s noteworthy that Wayne Dolcefino stated the children reached out to him to say they were being abused.

“We’re being abused. We’re scared of him all the time. He threatens us and says we’re sick.” Dolcefino said the children told him in a covert message.

In court, that set off an argument as to whether Nickola had been making unfounded claims in court.

The judge sided with Aldrich and this led to her disbarment. Here is more from the local press.

Cunha also had alleged that a relative of her client had sexually abused her client’s children, arguing this was demonstrated in records from the state Department of Children and Families that Adelman was ignoring, according to the memo.

But the records in question found that claims of abuse had been investigated and determined to be unfounded.

“It passes understanding why a person would wager so much on blatant falsehoods,” Moukawsher said. “Ms. Cunha was warned repeatedly of the seriousness of this matter and still chose to reassert and insist on things about the DCF ... records when she had every reason to know that they were completely false.”

In Connecticut, a judge is allowed to take such drastic action.

As such, Karen Riordan has not seen her children in about two years while her attorney has been disbarred.

Post Script:

This is the first of at least three articles on the Connecticut court system. Check out the fundraiser to increase that number.